DIY Maintenance: How to Add Air to Your Tires

2016 Honda Civic Tire

Here’s our guide on how to add air to your tires, like the tire on this Honda Civic.

Knowing how to add air to your tires is essential, especially in the winter, when the cold weather shrinks the air in the tires, reducing their traction and making driving more dangerous. Buy an inexpensive pressure gauge—they don’t usually run more than $30—and check the pressure every couple of weeks or so until it starts to warm up.

Checking pressure is easy. Just unscrew the stem on the inside of your tire to reveal the air valve and place the open end of the gauge into the valve. Hold it there for a few seconds, and then check the gauge.

If you find that your tire pressure is low, or your tire pressure monitor dashboard light comes on, either use a home pump or a pump at the gas station to fill the tires to the right psi. To do this, all you have to do is remove the stem the same way you did to check the gauge and put the tip of the pump into the air valve.

Stop every few seconds to check the tire pressure to make sure you don’t overfill the tires. Once they’re full, replace the valve caps, and you’re done!

Need assistance with tire care or other maintenance? Check out our Service Department!

Honda Ridgeline Commercial Airs During Biggest Game of the Year

A commercial for the all-new Honda Ridgeline was released early this month and then aired during the Big Game on Sunday the 7th the third quarter.

The commercial, called “A New Truck to Love,” shows a driver driving away from his flock of sheep in his new Ridgeline, and as he leaves the sheep start to sing “Somebody to Love” by Queen. When the driver comes back, the commercial shows that the sheep learned to sing listening to the driver’s truck bed audio system, an exclusive feature.

The Honda Ridgeline commercial is sure to attract interest in the Ridgeline, since it not only brings attention to an exclusive feature but also uses humor and nostalgia to draw the audience in. The normally bleating sheep singing in perfect key is funny, and using a song as iconic as “Somebody to Love” will have people associating the Ridgeline with the song in no time.

The fact that a farmer is driving the truck also highlights the Ridgeline’s strength as a work vehicle as well as its great potential for private use given its advanced entertainment features. The ad is sure to be a hit and get important exposure for the Ridgeline.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Debuts at the American International Auto Show

Honda revealed its new 2017 Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Monday, January 11th.  There also was a livestream on Honda’s YouTube channel for those not at the auto show.

The automaker states that this new Honda Ridgeline will “deliver everything you’d expect in a Honda from incredible packaging and fuel-efficiency to top safety technologies and innovative, segment-first features”.

This second-generation Ridgeline will have some top-notch promoting, including a 60-second TV spot during the pro football championship. Honda stated that the ad will run sometime during the third quarter of the Big Game and will hopefully reach 100 million viewers.

Honda is using the championship game as an opportunity to show the world that Honda is still a leader in light trucks. The first-generation Ridgeline debuted in 2005, and although it sold well over the years, Honda knew that now was the time for an upgrade. This new model has been extensively designed and developed in America, and will also be assembled here once in production.

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline debuts at dealerships and goes on sale during the first half of 2016. If you can’t wait that long for a truck, check out our used inventory!  We at Wolfchase Honda are excited to see the new vehicle, both during the Big Game and once it arrives on the lot.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Start your New Year

Starting your new year can include some resolutions for your car as well!

Happy New Year! There are the normal resolutions for 2016 to eat healthier, lose weight, sleep more, etc. But have you ever thought about making resolutions for your car? If you want to be healthier, shouldn’t you want your car to be healthier too?  We at Wolfchase Honda have put together a few ideas to get you started. These resolutions can keep your car healthier and save you money.

  • Organize Your Paperwork. Take the time to find and organize all your vehicle paperwork. Keep your service records in one place, so you will have a complete history of maintenance. Also place your title, registration, and proof of insurance in one folder so you know everything is complete and correct.
  • Clean Out Your Car. Do you really need all those shoes and books in your car? By cleaning out the unnecessary items, you will be able to get more miles per gallon and have more space for passengers.
  • Scrub Those Tricky Areas of Debris. Places like the lining of your trunk and the weather stripping around the doors often get overlooked during a regular cleaning. Take the time to scrub those areas out to improve the overall hygiene of your car.
  • Change the Oil and Air Filter. Although we all know it should be done, it often falls towards the bottom of our ‘to-do’ list. This year, do not procrastinate on this task. Your car will thank you if you commit to making this a habit.

These resolutions are just suggestions, but do consider making the health of your vehicle a priority in the upcoming year. Want to catch up on some maintenance? Visit our Service Department!

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle Debuts at LA Auto Show

Over the last two decades, Honda has been working—often unheralded and unacknowledged—on what would become one of the most important emerging technologies on the market: fuel cell vehicles. Then, when the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show rolled around, Honda finally revealed the next evolution in the brand’s fuel cell technology: the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle.

The Clarity FCV features a fuel stack 33% more compact than its predecessor, creating 60% more power, as well as a more compact powertrain that fills about the same space as a typical V6 engine—that means the entire powerplant fits under the Clarity’s hood, allowing an incredibly roomy cabin, while still delivery over 300 miles of estimated range and a refuel time of about three minutes.

The Clarity Fuel Cell is also serving as a trailblazer for Honda, providing both the foundation for a next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle and leading the brand’s expanding new generation of environmentally-friendly vehicles, which Honda hopes will become a new pillar of the brand’s lineup.

“Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are a zero emissions technology that Honda believes in, and has worked to advance for more than 20 years,” said John Mendel, executive vice president, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Vehicles like the Clarity Fuel Cell are potential game changers because they offer an uncompromising, zero emissions customer experience, with utility, range and refueling times on par with today’s gasoline-powered cars.”

Honda plans to begin delivery of the Clarity Fuel Cell to customers in select California markets in late 2016.

For our earlier coverage of the Clarity’s international debut, click here for more.

Explaining the Pros and Cons of Direct Injection Engines


Direct fuel injection is a method of injecting fuel straight into an engine’s combustion chambers, where it combusts. This is unlike other fuel injection methods like multi-point and single-point fuel injection, which put the fuel injector outside of the combustion chamber. The direct method is definitely an improvement in most ways, but there are both pros and cons of direct injection engines.

Direct injection engines are being hailed in the automotive community because of their proven ability to improve performance and fuel economy. Having the injector inside the combustion chamber allows for the computer inside to more accurately determine how much fuel is taken into the chamber and when it’s needed. This means less fuel is wasted. It also keeps the cylinder temperatures cooler because the explosions are smaller.

Direct injection is a great technology, but it does have its drawbacks, so think about them before you run out and upgrade to a car with a DI engine. Though it doesn’t happen to everyone, many drivers have experienced carbon buildup in their engine, which has a huge negative effect on performance and efficiency and is expensive to repair. A single solution hasn’t been found for this yet.

If you’re interested in direct injection engines, give us a call at (800) 591-6019 and we’ll help you find a direct Injection new Honda or used car!

Honda CR-Z Updates Include Sporty New Look

2016 Honda CR-Z

The redesigned Honda CR-Z is sleeker than ever before in 2016.

The Honda CR-Z is getting a sporty, stylish facelift and updated technology. The hybrid previously had received little attention on this side of the Pacific Ocean, but the Honda CR-Z updates are winning the car a fresh wave of interest and praise from critics and enthusiasts alike.

The 2016 model year of the CR-Z will bring features such as a seven-inch touchscreen display for the vehicle’s infotainment system that comes standard with the car, in addition to Honda’s LaneWatch technology that allows drivers to keep an eye on their blind spots via a camera. Other interior features include a redesigned center console and metallic trim.

The CR-Z’s exterior boasts a newly redesigned front end with a mesh grille and LED running lights. The side skirts and lower rear fascia have been reworked to match the sleeker, more dynamic lines of the updated hybrid. In addition, the 2016 model will also feature improved handling and performance, aided by improvements like an anti-roll bar and upsized brake rotors.

If you’re interested in the hybrid’s new technology and redesigned look, The new model featuring all of the Honda CR-Z updates is already available stateside, at a base price of $20,295, not including tax or delivery. Here’s our updated CR-Z stock: New CR-Z at Wolfchase Honda

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan Revealed in Tokyo

Honda has previously shown off concepts of its fuel cell powered vehicle, but before the recent Tokyo Motor Show, not many details were known about the production model of the car, including its name. In light of recent events, all of that has changed. The Honda Clarity fuel cell sedan has been revealed to the public, named, and given a 2017 model year release date.

The name of the Clarity is in reference to Honda’s FCX Clarity zero-emissions vehicle, and also alludes to the fuel cell powered car’s future in bringing clean energy to the automobile industry. In addition to the FCV version, the Honda Clarity will also be used as a platform for both a plug-in hybrid and a battery-electric version, which Honda plans to roll out by 2018.


According to EPA testing, the Honda Clarity is capable of an electric range of about 300 miles, while the Japanese testing cycle is far more generous, claiming the Clarity can go up to 434 miles without needing a hydrogen refill. Honda is being cautious with the FCV, however, planning to only sell about 200 units in the first year. Either way, the Honda Clarity fuel cell sedan is a big step towards cleaner, cheaper energy for cars everywhere.


Looking for fuel efficiency already on the market? Check out our hybrids!

Tenth Generation Honda Civic Prepares for November Launch


The Honda Civic is being prepared for its upcoming 2016 model release next month, and the all-new sedan is being touted by critics and fans as a “game-changer” and a cut above the outgoing model. The tenth generation Honda Civic is rousing excitement for the flagship vehicle with a score of new features and design elements.


The 2016 Civic will be slicker, as the overall body will be longer and wider, and the cabin is crafted from premium materials and will feature updated technology and more legroom. Aside from its overall appearance and levels of comfort and convenience, however, much of the hype focuses on the addition of a turbocharged engine to the Honda Civic’s range.


Originally, the 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine had been slated for a 2017 or 2018 debut, but the engineers at Honda decided they wanted to include the option in the 2016 model’s range to give it an edge over the competition.


Most interesting of all is the meticulous attention paid to fan feedback during the construction of the tenth generation Honda Civic. Nearly all the redesigns and improvements were made in response to fan responses and suggestions, making the 2016 Civic a car made by the people, for the people.

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Things to do for Halloween in Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee is well-known nationwide, and it’s no surprise the city is bustling with fun activities to do during the month of October. A variety of fall festivals, haunted houses, and spooky trails run during this month, so it’s easy to find a way to celebrate Halloween in Memphis.

Halloween kids

For more family-friendly fun, there are events like the Harry Potter movie marathons at the Pink Palace every Saturday, which includes a double-feature on Halloween itself, with a costume contest at intermission. The Fall Paw Fest on October 24th is also a fun option, where families can dress up their children and pets and bring them out for a day of trick-or-treating, refreshments, and fun. Another more family-oriented event on the 24th is the Costume Twilight Tour at the Elmwood cemetary, where actors dressed as historical residents of the town guide tours and talk about the history of the area.


If you’re looking for a more traditional Halloween experience, Memphis has plenty of haunted hayrides, trails, and houses. All through October, Shelby Farms Park offers to Spooky Nights experience, where visitors can go through a nighttime nature walk, haunted trail, and hayrides, and will offer a trunk-or-treat on the night of Halloween. The Shadowlands and Haunted Hay Ride events at Jones Orchard offer a similar scary experience with their corn maze and hayride.


Haunted House

For a more adult Halloween in Memphis, check out a haunted house.

Older participants may want to endure the challenge of Memphis’ best haunted house, the Haunted Web of Horrors. This location offers three different haunted house experiences, including a special “Lights Out” event on Sundays only where participants may wander through the house with only a glowstick for light.


Halloween in Memphis is a diverse holiday, and there is a little bit of something for everyone. These are the more iconic, well-known events, but there are plenty of smaller local events for curious adventurers to check out – if they dare.